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A hotel horror story is an experience that is common with almost everybody. Whether it is a story about that luxurious hotel you selected because of its amazing pool, only to discover that it’s closed when you get there or a hotel that double charged you, etc. We all have an unpleasant story to tell regarding some of the hotels we have visited.

When it boils down to hotel stays, we have put together a list of some surefire hotel tips to guarantee you an awesome hotel stay.

Fun Things to Do in Plettenberg Bay South Africa

Located along the amazing Garden Route, you’ll Plettenberg Bay is home to several picturesque beaches, secret adventures, gorgeous animal sanctuaries, thrilling surf spots, all Fun Things to Do in Plettenberg Bay South Africa. Due to its attractive features and landscape, Plettenberg Bay is often visited by admirers from all ends of the world, including South Africans as well.

Situated in the stunning Garden Route, Plettenberg Bay is a wonder to behold for many, with its extraordinary outdoor experience, fun activities and amazing scenery.

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Top Reasons to Stay in a Boutique Hotel when Visiting South Africa

South Africa is a megadiverse country and an attractive tourist destination. It is known for its rich wildlife, natural monuments, and extensive cultural history. To get the most of your travel experience, it is a wise idea to stay in a Boutique Hotel while in South Africa instead of a chain hotel. Aside from being in a more intimate environment, staying in a boutique hotel would allow you to experience a unique decor, personalized service, and relish a ‘wow’ factor that speaks to your soul.

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Colourful South African Words & Phrases You Need to Know About

It’s true in South Africa the language as colourful as the people and that comes as no surprise when you consider South Africa boosts with 11 Official Languages. Know you I know you’ll get by with not knowing these words/phrases, but I’m pretty sure you’ll make a lot more friends if you do…

Ag man, a phrase used with more than a hint of frustration.

Aikona, not on your life, “You are staying at home today?” Aikona, I’m going on a jol.

Aita, [ai-tah’], A greeting, to say hello.

The Junction Boutique Hotel in Plettenberg Bay showcases May events

Get fabulous winter deals and stay at the swanky new Junction Boutique Hotel in Plettenberg Bay this May and experience unique events not to be missed.  

Just when you thought it was safe to put away those sneakers, enter onto the scene the TSITSIKAMMA ULTRA TRAIL RUNon 4 May. Brought to you by the busy people at Muddy Foot Adventures, the 60 km, the linear trail begins under “The Big Tree” near Storms River and ends at Natures Valley. This is most certainly not for newbies and those who know all about trail running will tell you that this is a humdinger! Never the less and awesome experience for those who live for adrenaline. 

Discover Plett’s Natural Beauty, One Step at a Time

Plettenberg Bay is a beautiful and exciting corner of the world, offering something for just about everyone. From the artist to the adventurer, we are sure to pique the interest of any traveller. When you stay at The Junction Boutique Hotel, discover the natural side and find the fascinating wildlife that calls this area home. Sit back, relax and start planning your trip. 

Grab the Camera and View Plett Through an Artful Lens

Bloggers, Vloggers, Iggers, Selfie Fanatics…lend me your lenses! Plettenberg Bay is the quintessential treasure trove of breath taking images, particularly during summer. From the iconic beaches to the fantastical forests of old, Plett is photo heaven proper. At the Junction Boutique Hotel you will be blocks away from the beach and will be staying in the trendiest new building in town. Our amazing spaces will take your breath away but so will the location.

Your mini guide to the ultimate Plett bucket list

The Inside Scoop

From buckets on the beach to the ultimate bucket list, Plettenberg Bay is the place where you’ll find contentment. Traverse the jewel of the Garden Route at speed or take it slow and linger but whatever you do, do traverse! Don’t make the mistake of thinking that Plett is purely a summer destination. This all-rounder wunderkind is as magical in winter as it is when under the balmy summer sun. And holding court in the Main Street of the village, stands The Junction Boutique Hotel , a chic yet playful space, where travellers can rest their weary selves in laid back luxury, while having easy access to the vibrance of Plett. So, ladies, pack your favourite frock and gents, press your chinos and head on down to the coast to The Junction and experience the wonder that is Plett, first hand.