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From buckets on the beach to the ultimate bucket list, Plettenberg Bay is the place where you’ll find contentment. Traverse the jewel of the Garden Route at speed or take it slow and linger but whatever you do, do traverse! Don’t make the mistake of thinking that Plett is purely a summer destination. This all-rounder wunderkind is as magical in winter as it is when under the balmy summer sun. And holding court in the Main Street of the village, stands The Junction Boutique Hotel , a chic yet playful space, where travellers can rest their weary selves in laid back luxury, while having easy access to the vibrance of Plett. So, ladies, pack your favourite frock and gents, press your chinos and head on down to the coast to The Junction and experience the wonder that is Plett, first hand.

How great is that grape!
If you haven’t yet experienced, up close and personal, the boutique vineyards of the region, then you are in for a treat. From the emerald forests of Harkerville to the fynbos dotted landscape of the Crags, the favourite tipple of the route is on everyone’s lips. Producing award winning wine and bubbly, has become more than just a casual pastime. Such is the success of this budding industry, that an annual Wine and Bubbly Festival brings scores of wine lovers and aficionados to celebrate and partake of the delicious bouquets on offer. In addition to enjoying he fantastic wine and bubbly, the vineyards are open to tours and lunches just the thing to get your holiday off to a brilliant start. There are 7 wine farms open to the public with either tasting rooms and/or restaurants. Be sure to book your table, and a taxi if you’ve had a bit too much! WINELANDS

Hit the trails.
Hiking in and around Plett in winter is more pleasant that you may think. The weather is temperate and therefore you don’t have to brave the scorching heat in order to enjoy the abundance of natural beauty that this famed peninsula has on offer. From stonkingly difficult foot slogging to just north of sedentary, the choice of trails is endless. Hit the Otter trail for a few days of unparalleled beauty. If you are more inclined to peddle your way through the foliage on a mountain bike then you’re in luck. Plett is one of the top MTB destinations of the world. Where else can you blaze a trail through the forest on a single track, whilst listening to the sounds of elephants, loerie and other exotic creatures? Yes sir, if it’s outdoor pristine you’re looking for, then hurry down to Plett, posthaste. Check out the different level of trail options available, and even bring your bike! CYCLE IN PLETT

Coming over all arts and crafts?
Living in an area surrounded by greenery and plenty of fresh air is clearly conducive to very creative thinking. The Garden Route region and more specifically Plett, is an enclave of art and crafts. At the Old Nick Village, on the N2 just outside of Plett, stands proudly Mungo Mill. A feat of modern architecture with a whisper of ages gone by, this working textile mill, is a delight to visit. In fact, it could take you the whole day, popping into various interesting little stops along the way, to get from Harkerville to the Crags. Bespoke furniture, hand crafted odds and sods, pottery, you name it, you’ll find it. Mungo products are very popular and are shipped all over the world.

Have a whale of a time!
Plett is so attractive in winter that even the whales come here to rest. New life is ushered into the vast ocean in Plett’s calm seas as the whales come to Plett to calve. Pop onto one of the oceangoing boats and have a very special experience with the giants of the sea. Dolphins and seals frolic in the waves and before you know it, you’re blissfully happy and relaxed and one with nature. Why not spend an afternoon enjoying a sundowner or two on a yacht sailing around the bay? Champagne on board tastes just that little more luxurious. Land ahoy! Whale season in Plett is between the months of May – October. Find out more >

Go wild!
Elephants, snakes, wolves, monkeys, exotic birds, raptors, big game, horses… its wild in Plett! Animal lovers unite because if you love animals, this is where you can see them all. Fancy yourself a bit of a whisperer? Then do you worst, there are lots of furry ears about. Check out the different wildlife activities you won’t want to miss, here.

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