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A hotel horror story is an experience that is common with almost everybody. Whether it is a story about that luxurious hotel you selected because of its amazing pool, only to discover that it’s closed when you get there or a hotel that double charged you, etc. We all have an unpleasant story to tell regarding some of the hotels we have visited.

When it boils down to hotel stays, we have put together a list of some surefire hotel tips to guarantee you an awesome hotel stay.

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The 5 Best Things To Do In Plettenberg Bay South Africa

Located along the amazing Garden Route, you’ll Plettenberg Bay is home to several picturesque beaches, secret adventures, gorgeous animal sanctuaries, thrilling surf spots, all Fun Things to Do in Plettenberg Bay South Africa. Due to its attractive features and landscape, Plettenberg Bay is often visited by admirers from all ends of the world, including South Africans as well.

Situated in the stunning Garden Route, Plettenberg Bay is a wonder to behold for many, with its extraordinary outdoor experience, fun activities and amazing scenery.

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Good Reasons To Stay At A Boutique Hotel In Plettenberg Bay When Visiting South Africa

South Africa is a megadiverse country and an attractive tourist destination. It is known for its rich wildlife, natural monuments, and extensive cultural history. To get the most of your travel experience, it is a wise idea to stay in a Boutique Hotel in Plettenberg Bay. While in South Africa instead of a chain hotel. Aside from being in a more intimate environment, staying in a boutique hotel would allow you to experience a unique decor, personalized service, and relish a ‘wow’ factor that speaks to your soul.

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All the good South African boutique hotels emanate a friendly vibe and let you enjoy a unique experience. Let’s see why it is better to stay in a boutique hotel in Plettenberg Bay when you visit South Africa:

Otherworldly Charm When You Stay In A Boutique Hotel

Boutique hotels in Plettenberg Bay are designed to be unique and imbued with a personality of their own. South African boutique hotels have a distinctive decor style and artistic design from normal hotels. Every detail they possess is created to accentuate their design choice and style. The moment you step into a good boutique hotel, everything from the art and design to the behaviour of the staff would make you feel like you have stepped into a different world.

Service With A Smile At the Boutique Hotel In Plettenberg Bay

South African boutique hotels in Plettenberg Bay are not only known for their upscale design but their friendly service as well. You would be treated like a real human being and a guest, not a random number on a sheet of paper. The staff of a Boutique hotel in Plettenberg Bay has to serve only a small number of rooms, typically in the range of 10-50. Thus, they can afford to pay personal attention to the needs of each of their guests.

At The Junction Hotel, you can expect a level of service that would not only please you but also make you feel special.

Incredible Value – South African Boutique Hotels in Plettenberg Bay offer more value for money than you could ever imagine. The smaller footprint of boutique hotels makes it possible for them to be located at the centre of several tourist attractions. It allows you to feel closer to your surroundings.

Aside from being situated in a great location, we offer sumptuous, luxurious meals to our guests as well.

The Perfect Experience

If you love to eat, South African boutique hotels in Plettenberg Bay would be the perfect place to stay during your travels. But food alone cannot satisfy the needs of all. The best South African boutique hotels in Plettenberg Bay also offer a wide range of amenities at a fraction of the cost that you would have to pay while staying at a 5-star hotel.

Add stellar service, exquisite accommodation facilities, and incredible location into the mix and you get what is known as the perfect experience’.

At The Junction Hotel, we strive to create a special experience for each of our guests so that you may form some of the best memories of your life. Our simple and sophisticated rooms along with modern amenities are designed to engage all your senses. Whether you want to stay alone in a room with a view or spend a memorable vacation with your friends or family, you can book your room today.

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