A hotel horror story is an experience that is common with almost everybody. Whether it is a story about that luxurious hotel you selected because of its amazing pool, only to discover that it’s closed when you get there or a hotel that double charged you, etc. We all have an unpleasant story to tell regarding some of the hotels we have visited.

When it boils down to hotel stays, we have put together a list of some surefire hotel tips to guarantee you an awesome hotel stay.

Hotel Stay Tip One: Ensure you know what you are getting

I absolutely wish this wasn’t true, but the fact remains that most hotels put up misleading information regarding their services and amenities on their site. Some hotels claim to be a walking distance to downtown, whereas the hotel’s definition of walking distance is more than an hour.

In most cases, applications like Google map can help us gather necessary information regarding the location of the hotel. Current hotel reviews are also a good source of information. So before you decide to make bookings for that hotel, carry out thorough research so that you know what you are getting and what you aren’t.

Hotel Stay Tip Two: Ensure you give out tips even if it’s a little

Tips work like magic! You are probably aware that people who work in the hotel industry, and particularly in-room service, don’t earn much. Tipping these fellows would certainly put a smile on their faces and make them want to provide you with the best service. Offering little tip to your cleaning person can help you get terrific room service for the entire day and a sparkling room.

Hotel Stay Tip Three: Don’t be rude

If you have ever worked in-room service, then you should be very much aware that rude customers are often rewarded with worse services. Why is it this way? Quite simple! Would you be eager to assist someone who was rude or totally mean to you? No? So you are definitely sure that the agent seated at the front desk won’t be either.

By being nice to these people, you can get the nicest room in the hotel equipped with the best amenities. On the other hand, if you decide to be rude to them, you might be given the worse room in the hotel, much to your chagrin.

hotel stay tip do not be rude

Hotel Stay Tip Four: Request to view a few different rooms

If for some reasons, you aren’t pleased with the first room you were given, you can request to see other available rooms. For some hotels, this is possible while for some, it isn’t. Most times, the hotel manager tries to occupy the less fancy rooms first, so you may be stunned to discover that other available rooms are far better than the room you chose at first.

Hotel Stay Tip Five: Consider joining the hotel’s loyalty club

Irrespective of how long you choose to stay, joining a loyalty club can be quite helpful or beneficial. Filling out the online application form for the hotel’s loyalty form doesn’t take long, and the benefits of doing so can be acquired in perks that are only given to loyalty members. Most loyalty clubs don’t require a registration fee, and since you’ll be residing there anyway,  you might enjoy the benefits that come with being a member of the hotel’s loyalty club.