Located along the amazing Garden Route, you’ll Plettenberg Bay is home to several picturesque beaches, secret adventures, gorgeous animal sanctuaries, thrilling surf spots, all Fun Things to Do in Plettenberg Bay South Africa. Due to its attractive features and landscape, Plettenberg Bay is often visited by admirers from all ends of the world, including South Africans as well.

Situated in the stunning Garden Route, Plettenberg Bay is a wonder to behold for many, with its extraordinary outdoor experience, fun activities and amazing scenery.

Fun Things To Do In Plettenberg Bay South Africa

1. Have Fun With Your Family At Adventure Land

Providing good, exciting fun for the entire family, Adventure Land is a place that consists of water rides, playgrounds, super tubes, etc. You also have some amazing braai and picnic facilities, including a take-away kiosk, if needed.

Highlights are the 75-metre super tube; the 2-lane racer; the kamikaze ride (with an awesome 12-metre drop!). It also consists of some slides for kids and splash pools for the tots.

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2. Enjoy Game Drives At Plett Game Reserve

Among the Fun Things to Do in Plettenberg Bay South Africa, about 30 minutes away from Plett, you’ll find the Plettenberg Game Reserve is the perfect place to have a wonderful experience of the African wildlife/terrain and to enjoy viewing the big 5 in their usual habitat.  Here you have two amazing activities to select from, and they are the game drive or the horse safari (both operates for two hours). Or if you wish to experience something more breathtaking, consider the new 1.5 hour-long Elephant Safari.

With the game drive and the horse safari, you will be able to experience the same on a real wildlife safari, either from the back of a horse or from a vehicle.

3. Be Thrilled At Birds Of Eden

Birds of Eden is one of the best places to visit in Plettenberg. This amazing location is an extraordinary, two-hectare dome, spanning across the attractive indigenous forest. Here is a place that offers a sanctuary for several beautiful birds, including little monkeys.

Adorned with a mysterious ruin, a walk-behind waterfall, a 200-seater amphitheatre and some 3,500 birds, visiting the Birds of Eden is one of the best things you can do in Plettenberg.

Adventure Land, Birds Of Eden, Garden Route Wolf Sanctuary, Plett Game Reserve, plettenberg bay, south africa, Travel, Trip

4. Visit The Beach At Plettenberg Bay South Africa

Plettenberg Bay is home to several beaches, with fun activities such as surfing, bodyboarding, sun tanning, swimming and more on offer in this amazing, seaside city. There are lots of beaches in Plettenberg, but the three most prominent and beautiful beaches here are Central Beach, Robberg Beach, and Lookout Beach.

Each of the beaches provides visitors with diverse experiences. Central Beach is an ideal place for families and sunbathers, with the presence of lifeguards in case anything goes wrong. The lookout beach is well-known amongst SUP paddlers including surfers. Finally, the Robberg is an amazing place to stretch those legs by taking part in activities such as long walks and beach runs. You can also paddle ski if you are interested. Also, take a look at it Good Reason To Stay At A Boutique Hotel In Plettenberg Bay When You Visiting South Africa.

5. Run With The Wolves At Garden Route Wolf Sanctuary

The Garden route wolf sanctuary is located between Knysna and Plett, and it is known to provide amazing tours that take them through various wolf domains while offering a unique and thrilling experience.

Apart from the wolf packs, there exist other friendly wild dogs and huskies that are eager to greet visitors.  The tour guide usually lasts for around 40 minutes or less, with no prior booking needed.

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